Pro Tips for Sporting Clays: Episode 3

In the final episode of "Pro Tips for Sporting Clays", David and Brad explain how to shoot a true pair, explain the difference in international vs. standard targets, and shoot a few targets at 75 yards.


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True Pair:

David and Brad are asked to shoot a true pair (the "A" bird is a quartering target and the "B" bird is an incoming target). 

Brad "goes to the bird, moves with the bird, and looks at the bird". He focuses on seeing the bird and having soft hands throughout the shot. After he breaks "A", his eyes will transition to "B". For the "B" bird, he will get the gun to it, stay with it, come down with it, and deliver the shot with soft hands and his eyes on the bird.

David will choose to shoot the "A" bird a little more in front than Brad, with less gun movement, and let the bird come to him. He will shoot the second bird the same way as Brad, as he says that there are not many variations in technique to shoot an incoming target.

What is the difference between an "International" target and a "Standard (USA)" target?

David explains that the international clay is 110mm wide, whereas the standard clay is 108mm wide. The international bird is slightly thinner, so you're able to throw it a little faster than the standard American clay. In the USA, the international clay will not typically be seen, unless you're shooting Bunker Trap or International Skeet.