ShotKam is the world’s most intelligent gun camera. Completely designed for a shotgun, it detects every movement of the barrel and records each shot. 

The built-in Wi-Fi allows you to instantly review your video anytime, anywhere. Simply shoot, then download each shot to your iPhone, Android, Tablet, or iPad. Built with the strongest military-grade material, this beautifully designed gun camera provides the instant feedback needed to understand why a target was missed.



  • 12 Gauge Bracket Mount
  • 64 GB Memory Card (Internal)
  • Hard Case & Required Accessories (USB cable, etc.)
  • Free 3-Day Domestic Shipping
  • International Shipping Available
  • 30 Day, No Hassle Returns
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
   What's in the box:
      • ShotKam camera (3rd Generation)

      • 12 gauge bracket mount

      • USB cable and car charger

      • Hard travel case

      • Allen key to tighten screws

      • Spare silicon rear cap

      • Spare front lens cover

      • Spare rubber mounting pads

      • Spare “O-ring”

      • Spare mounting screws


Is this the newest Model?

Yes, this 3rd Generation ShotKam is our most popular video camera - now with 4x faster Wi-Fi, new mobile app, 2x memory capacity, and smoother video. Each purchase includes a 12-Gauge mounting bracket, hard carrying case, lens cover, Allen driver, and all spare accessories.


How fast is shipping within the USA?

Free 3-day FedEx domestic shipping is included, or 2-day ($7) and overnight ($34.99) shipping are available at Checkout. We ship within 1 business day of receiving the order and are headquartered in Florida, USA.


Can you ship to other countries?

Yes, we can ship to most countries from this USA website (no shipping available to: Spain, Mexico, Lebanon, UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and China). Import taxes are not already included in the ShotKam Camera price, so FedEx would contact you for payment. If you live in the United Kingdom or Europe, then we recommend ordering from our ShotKam UK website which includes all taxes and accepts GBP (£) and EUR (€). If you live in Australia or New Zealand, then visit our ShotKam AU official site which includes taxes accepts AUD (A$) and NZD (NZ$). 


Can I mount it onto other shotguns?

Yes, click on the "Accessories" tab to purchase additional brackets. Your purchase includes a 12-bore bracket, but additional attachments are available for $39 each: 20-gauge, 28-gauge, .410, and 12-gauge side-by-side. The ShotKam Camera can also be mounted to a bow with the bow mount which replaces a stabilizer.


Can I use it on a rifle?

Yes, this ShotKam can be mounted to a rifle (without a rail) using the following brackets:

    • 12-Gauge bracket for large caliber guns (416, 458, etc).
    • 20-Gauge bracket for 30 caliber rifles (.300 win mag, .308, 270, 30-06, 7mm, 16mm, etc).
    • 28-Gauge for 243 sized rifles.
    • .410 for 223 sized rifles.



30-Day Money Back Guarantee: If within 30 days of receiving your order, you are not 100% satisfied, you may return it to us for a full refund*. No questions asked. Any items damaged due to reasons not covered under warranty cannot be accepted back for refund under our Money Back Guarantee.


NOTE: This guarantee only applies to orders placed on ShotKam’s webstore at shotkam.com and shipped to USA. All international orders will be charged a 10% restocking fee.

*All associated shipping fees are not refundable.


One (1) Year Warranty: If any technical issue arises within one year of purchase, please email us at support@shotkam.com for a Return Authorization Form. The warranty is non-transferable and remains solely with the original buyer. It does not transfer if the camera is sold to a new buyer.


More brackets

ShotKam Handgun Model is an action video camera for handgun, rifle, or tactical shotgun. The world's most advanced gun camera operates with an accelerometer to record every shot, then saves each video in slow-motion Full HD. With built-in Wi-Fi, instantly connect to your mobile device to review your shot while at the range.


Video recording: 1080p HD x 100 fps, or 720p x 180 fps

Capacity: 32GB holds 1,000 videos

Size (length, width, height): 1.70 inches (43.18 mm), 1.12 inches (28.45 mm), 1.25 inches (31.75 mm)

Weight: 4 ounces

Camera: 18 degree field-of-view in Full HD (non-adjustable), or 14 degree field-of-view in 720p

Shipping: Available online only and shipped from Florida, USA



  • Rail Mount for Picatinny, Weaver, and Glock
  • 32 GS MicroSD Card
  • Hard Case & Required Accessories (USB cable, etc.)
  • Free 3-Day Domestic Shipping
  • International Shipping Available
  • 30 Day, No Hassle Returns
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

    What's in the box:

      • ShotKam camera

      • Rail mounting bracket

      • 32 GB memory card - hold 1,000 shots

      • USB cable and wall charger

      • Hard camera case

      • Allen keys to tighten screws

      • Spare silicon rear cap

      • Spare front lens cover

      • Spare rubber mounting pads

      • Spare “O-ring”

      • Spare mounting screws


Frequently Asked Questions:


Will the app work with my mobile device?
The ShotKam has built-in Wi-Fi that can connect to any iPad, tablet, or smartphone (iOS or Android) that is from 2013 or newer. The free app is available in Google Play or the App Store.


Can I dry fire with it?
Yes, the ShotKam will capture video of you dry firing. Simply use the ShotKam app on your mobile device to select the dry fire settings, then it will be sensitive enough to record each trigger pull.


What is the lifespan of the battery?
The ShotKam has an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts 2 - 4 years. A battery replacement costs $40 and must be done in-house as every camera must pass a shock and vibrations test after replacement.


What is the delivery time within the U.S.?
Your order will be shipped within 1 business day, then FedEx Express takes 3 business days. 


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, international shipping is available. Please note that the international shipping price does not include import charges (VAT).



30-Day Money Back Guarantee:

If within 30 days of receiving your Shotkam you are not fully satisfied, return it to us for a full refund. International customers will be charged a 10% re-stocking fee ($50 USD). Cameras damaged due to reasons not covered under the warranty, cannot be accepted back for refund.

* Associated shipping fees are not refundable.


One-Year Limited Warranty:

If any technical issues arise within one year of purchase, your ShotKam is fully covered under warranty. Our warranty doesn't cover any camera that has been disassembled, modified, or used outside of its intended purpose.

More brackets

Extra Accessories

Your purchase of a ShotKam Camera includes a 12 Gauge quick release bracket. Extra sub-gauge options below.

Read FAQ about rifles and brackets

20 GA Bracket


28 GA Bracket


.410 Bracket


12 GA Side-by-Side


Bow Mount


What's Included

Your ShotKam Camera comes with a 12 gauge quick release bracket, hard carrying case, and all required accessories.

Rifle Info & Bracket FAQs

Should I get an extra 12-bore quick-release bracket?

No, you only need one per ShotKam. The camera stays firmly attached inside the bottom of the bracket, then the top of the bracket opens like a claw to clamp onto your shotgun barrel. The mount does not stay attached onto the barrel, so you only need one 12-bore quick-release bracket per ShotKam Camera.


Can I mount ShotKam to my rifle?

Yes, the ShotKam can be mounted to most rifles using our sub-gauge brackets. They are €39 USD each. Please see below for a complete compatibility list:  

  • For Large-Caliber African Guns (22mm, 21mm, 416, 458, etc.): Our 12-Gauge Quick-Release Bracket is available for purchase: Buy 12-GA Now
  • For 30 Caliber Rifles (.300 win mag, .308, .338, 270, 30-06, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 9.3 x 62mm, etc.): Our 20 Gauge Bracket is available for purchase: Buy 20-GA Now
  • For .243-Sized Rifles, 6.5 Creedmore, 16mm, etc.: Our 28 Gauge Bracket is available for purchase: Buy 28-GA Now
  • For 15mm, AR-15, and .223-Sized Rifles: Our .410 Bracket is available for purchase: Buy .410 Now


Do you have an accessory for 10 GA, 16 GA, or 20 GA Side-by-Side?

10 Gauge: Yes, your 10 GA shotgun will fit with our 12 Gauge Quick-Release Bracket, so you would not need an additional mount. 

16 Gauge: Yes, your 16 GA shotgun will fit with our 12 Gauge Quick-Release Bracket, so you would not need an additional mount. Occasionally, the 16-gauge barrel may require adding an additional bracket pad. We include a free extra bracket pad in the "spare parts bag" that comes with each purchase, so if needed, you would be able to use that pad to make the 12-gauge just slightly smaller. With that said, the 12 Gauge Quick-Release Bracket typically works perfectly on a 10 GA, 12 GA, and 16 GA.

20 Gauge Side-By-Side: Yes, the ShotKam can be mounted to a 20 Gauge side-by-side shotgun. We only sell the 12 GA side-by-side on our website, but we can customize it for a 20 GA side-by-side barrel shotgun. We simply add an extra rubber pad to the 12 GA side-by-side mount to make it smaller for a 20 GA SxS. The price of the bracket would be €39 and we are happy to make a custom invoice for you. Please contact Support@ShotKam.com to purchase a 20 Gauge side-by-side.


Can the ShotKam be mounted onto a magazine tube?

Yes, your purchase will automatically come with a 12 Ga quick-release bracket that will fit on most magazine extension tubes. The maximum diameter of the 12-gauge bracket is 27 mm (a little over 1 inch) and this 12-gauge is our largest bracket size. If your magazine tube is under 27mm in diameter, then you can mount the ShotKam onto it.



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